Here’s how I click…

Business or pleasure?

Let’s talk pleasure first…

The photographic process is all about you or your family and capturing a special moment.  I will assist you in the process of recording that moment, bringing into your shoot those elements that represent the mood and light you are wanting to achieve.  Be it casual or formal, I will do my utmost to see that you are pleased with the finished results.

A suggestion for you and your family, consider having a “year in the life…” book made, as a way to capture the events that occur during the year.  It’s a terrific away to capture the growth and events of your family.  On a periodic basis, throughout the year, I will schedule to shoot the events or scenes you would like included in the book.  At the end of the year, a book will be published showing the maturing of your children, your home and pets, social gatherings, and the little touches that make your home just that…home.

And speaking of home,  how about cataloging your creative efforts in making your home the comfortable space it is to live in.  Think of it as your own personal architectural & garden magazine, except that it is warmer and more personal, because you helped in its design and production.

All business…

Before becoming a pro photographer, I had thirty years corporate business experience working in various industries, performing various duties, spanning the manufacturing sector to various financial services businesses.  I have worked closely with both senior and staff levels of these organizations and know firsthand how critically important it is to any firm that it present itself professionally to its marketplace and shareholder.

Whether it be real estate portfolios, product photographs, office or plant layouts, or business portraits,  I can work with you and tight deadlines to achieve the results you require.


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