click, click, click… (a photographer’s yada, yada, yada)

Notice how everything seems to be going organic these days?  Some photographers think it marketable to claim their photography is organic.  How is that? While I wish I could say the same, I can’t see how I can.

What you’re seeing when you look at most of today’s photographs is a conglomeration of millions of individual pixels, think of them as digital molecules of information, squished next to their neighbors, in a pattern that together makes up the image.  Pixels simply have no life cycle, they don’t mature, reproduce, or die.  If by organic those photographers mean they don’t use pesticides, then I’m all in. My photos are organic too!

Rather, I like to think of my photographic approach as being elemental in style.  That is…when looking at one of my images, a story is being told.  There is to an extent, a who, what, when, where and why that’s evident. It’s not enough to simply hold a camera in front of someone and ask them to say, “Cheese!”; no, the camera has to tap into the life and soul of the individual to be successful.

Before a shutter is clicked, I talk to my clients and ask them to tell me something about themselves, what are their likes, what is it that makes the sparkle come to the eye.  I ask them what they want to accomplish with their photograph.  I try to bring in elements into the image that are intimate to the client, that perhaps they can only see, when looking at the photo. That aspect could be as simple as a piece of jewelry being worn or more subtle still…a pair of old boots left by a doorway.  Everything is there in place for a purpose…so the client can smile inwardly, and the rest of us who don’t necessarily know are left only to suppose.

My process is meant to be an enriching experience for the client. It is my desire that your photographs will travel with you through your life and be a bookmark for you and your family.

My approach is simple, I prefer natural light and settings that promote the day.  We can do the shoot indoors or outside your home, business, or at a natural setting such as the woodlands or park, wherever you would prefer.  These are details we can discuss.


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